• Sagi Sagara

Why I blog...

I've just spent like 3 hours on the Internet.

Just randomly typing...

"Why blog?"

"What to blog about?"

"Is blogging worth it?"

"Personal vs Professional Blogs"

"How to find your niche blogs"

That everything needs to be very specific in order to get readership.

You have to be the expert and whatnot.

You have to write what you're passionate about. Stuff like that.

So I guess...

I blog because...

#1 I wanna have a personal brand...even if it's cluttered, not perfect...jumbled...and what's truly me...I wanna look back and see my writing and say..."Oh..that's how I see things at that time."

#2 Because I love to write

#3 Because it helps improve my writing

#4 Because it gives me fulfilment.

#5 Because I already created one from my Coursera course. So it's a legacy to.

So...I may have not great following.

I may not monetize the website or the blog rather.

But one thing for sure.

I am in control here.

Because this is my platform.

My website.

My blog.

Ha ha...

~ Peace out, beautiful readers ~




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