• Sagi Sagara

Unheard of...

I am going to warmly smile at anyone who walks by me today...

Viruses aren't the only things that spread through networks of people. Attitudes and behaviours do too. A simple action of smile can perpetuate anything in it:

Not just fads.





Just choose what do you wanna spread.

If I asked you...

"Do you expect life will be easy and you'll always get what you want on the first try and nothing will ever go wrong or get in your way?"

My best answer...

"You're nuts!"

There's nothing easy.

Ke toilet aja harus boyar Rp2,000?

Mimpi kali ya lu hidup ini mudah?

Mohon maap...hidup nga seindah FTV di TV...

You know there will be problems and setbacks. And then when the problems and setbacks happen...uhmm..we're shocked, angry, frustrated. SAD.

Does that make any sense at all?

But what if we changed the scenario?

What if we wake up and remind ourselves that the world doesn't owe us anything...

That we will be put to the test...

Then, we can dodge the surprise. And the surprise is where most of the negative emotions start.

Don't let your mind be the weakest link.

There's so much good in life.

The world meets no one halfway.

We must accept the challenges of life every fucking morning.

Then and only then...we can savour the twists and turns that life throws at us.

How can you accept the challenges that await in front of you?

Just go to bed now...

Again, hidup ini nga seindah FTV yang selalu mudah dan bahagia.

~ Peace out, beautiful reader ~





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