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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

This is a 24-minute video about Yayasan Thalassemia Indonesia.


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Well, last Saturday...Oct 3, 2020, I went to Unit Transfusi Darah (UTD) - PMI DKI Jakarta.

When I was queueing to fill in the form...a guy came up to me and said..."Pak...darah nya boleh untuk anak saya nga?"

And I was like..."Oh iya nga apa2 pak...saya kesini sukarela...buat donor darah..." I continued "Memangnya anak bapak sakit apa?"...he replied..."Anak saya sakit Thalassemia".

I didn't know what it was...but I got teary and was just moved by the fact that some people were waiting to have a blood transfusion.

And can I be angry with God?

Why on earth children are suffering?

They're innocent.

They're pure.

They're weak.

A child by definition is innocent.

What did the child do to deserve to live with Thalassemia?

I wish I could help those in need.

That's why I plan to regularly donor my blood every 3 months because "1 Kantong Darah Bisa Menyelamatkan 3 Nyawa."

It reminds me to never take my life for granted.

To be grateful for every day that I've been blessed with to enjoy here.

Hal ini juga yang menjadi motivasi gue hidup sehat.

Karena I know in December I'll be donating my in order for me to donor high-quality blood I need to live a healthy lifestyle.

It gives me reasons to stay least if gue merasa ingin menghilang dari dunia ini...

...dimana matahari tidak bersinar lagi...hari esok tidak datang lagi...I always can say to myself...

...ingat setiap 3 bulan ada 3 orang nyawa yang bisa diselamatkan...and it gives me this good feeling in my heart knowing that a part of me even if it's only my 350 cc of blood could run in someone else's body and help them to continue their lives.

Mungkin salah satu cita-cita terbesar gue adalah bikin Panti Asuhan.

Atau some sort of foundation to help those in need.

Banyak hal di luar sana yang sangat tidak adil.

But this is life and sometimes you have to face this unfairness.

Walaupun the resources that I put out may not be able to help everyone, at least being able to help one soul is enough. And it gives me satisfaction more than anything else in life.

~ Ayo Donor Darah ~

~ Ayo screening darah sebelum menikah untuk mengurangi, if possible, eradicate Thalassemia ~


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