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Successful people are in the 5 AM Club?

Hi, welcome back to my #BookReview. This week, I'm gonna share with you the three most impactful insights that I gained after reading this.

For those of you, this might seem very obvious. But I've been hearing a lot about this book lately, so I gave it a try.

Robin Sharma sheds some light on what makes successful people succeed in their respective endeavors.

I don't think what he presents in the book are new ideas. Instead, these are just very good to just reflect, and maybe you could try this one out for yourself?

So here, I'm gonna spill some of the points that I think are very relevant for us to just ponder.

#1 Rising at 5 a.m. will help you let go of mediocrity and become extraordinary.

This one is quite tricky. Why? Because we have our own things to attend to. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity or to afford to wake up at 5 a.m. every day. I'm included.

There are many reasons I think this one is not for everyone. For one, the nature of my job sometimes requires me to work long hours into the morning. So logically speaking, I am sleep-deprived, let alone wake up at 5 a.m. Haha...

But, I guess, growing up, I was always taught to wake up early "Bangun Pagi, nanti rejeki dipatok ayam..."

And I believe there's some truth in it.

And there has been much research that shows waking up early is better for your mental and physical well-being. Just watch some YouTube vouch for those claims.

So what? Personally, whenever I have the chance to wake up early, I will go to bed as early as possible. And even though I was just doing it for like 2 weeks, I could feel the benefits already, although not that obvious since I could not do so every day...but Robin's argument about this...I can't agree more. So try it yourself.

#2 The "20/20/20 Formula" is "move, reflect and grow."

This is now officially my morning routine. Although Robin suggests waking at 5 a.m., I apply this differently. With the work arrangement that I have, I could almost always sneak in this three-morning routine, where I divide my first 60 minutes into the following:

  • 1st 20' "Move" - Get out of bed the moment your alarm clock rings. Exercise intensely for 20 minutes to cleanse your system and orient your focus. I usually do SUMI. SUMI it's a type of yoga where you compile breathing techniques and apply pressure on your muscles. Kayang, push-ups, and sit-ups help me feel pumped for the day. And more awake.

  • 2nd 20' "Reflect" - write in a journal or plan your day. Visit your gratitude. I usually write in a paper diary (I know, who keeps a paper diary these days, right?). But this is the best therapy that I could have every day. I've been journaling on paper for 4 years. And now I am on my fifth book. In addition, I've been subscribing to an online gratitude journal for three years now, where they give you daily prompts about things that you should be grateful for and to "journal" the three things that you are thankful for every day. In sum, I reflect on paper as well as on digital. Writing is the best therapy. Trust me.

  • 3rd 20' "Grow" - read books, review your goals or study online. Deepen your knowledge to earn more and master your field. Over the past 2 weeks doing this, I realized how much I've been missing out on my long-time-forgotten hobby of reading. Indeed, what I've read so far made me realize..."why did I leave this reading for so long?" The answer is I always feel like with my demanding job reading a book is just impossible, but now I realize that it was just a lame excuse. Now, just by setting aside 20 minutes a day to read, I realize...hey, reading is definitely possible to do daily. No excuses. Anyway, there are so many reading sources, from paper to digital to audio. But I still prefer reading as reading, not listening to an audiobook; it just feels different. But find something that suits you. Just read.

#3 You enter the magic by using joy as your GPS.

This last one is self-explanatory. This pretty much explains why some people are addicted to video games or whatnot. It is simply because it makes them happy. So...

Everyone needs the right relationships, places, and activities to fuel the engine that drives their GPS of joy to enjoy life.

In my case, I believe I must find a job that is not necessarily "a hobby" but rather something that I enjoy doing because I spend the whole day at work. So you must figure yourself out as well. Be purposeful in doing what you do, be it school, work, pursuing a career, and anything.


I'm not a life coach, but I think that after trying out this new morning routine for 2 weeks...I am really addicted to the feeling of just daily growth and reflections.

So...will you try out to be in the 5 a.m. club?

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