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Start with WHY

Hi gengs...

I feel like one of those vloggers out there which I am clearly not one.

Anyway...hari ini rasanya lelaaaahhhh banget.

I don't know why...

Yes, my work toook so much time.

So this Friday night I picked up "Start with WHY" by Simon Sinek.

His book expands on his popular TED Talk, “How great leaders inspire action.”

I just got done listening to the summary of this book.

Well, obviously I feel like I don't have the time to read up the whole book.

Even if I bought the book, I didn't think I would have the time to read.

So audio summary helps a lot to catch up on my reading.

The reason why I wanna write about this is because I think this book provides me with the information that I need today.

Like a reminder to this hectic busy life.

To take a breather and step back for a moment.

Before jumping right into the book, I wanna give you guys a very brief overview of what this book is about because I wanna get into how it relates to all of you instead of getting to summary driven.

The entire book showcases the one factor that separates inspiring and thriving businesses from that of everybody else and that one factor is getting crystal clear on your WHY.

Your purpose.

Your belief.

Your cause.

The reason why you do what you do...

And it is the people and the companies that are working from that place of inspiration that are thriving.

He uses Apple and Steve Jobs as an example over and over again and Southwest Airlines, Martin Luther King.

All to demonstrate how their success is directly related to their clear WHY.

And on the flip side, everybody else the majority that don't have a clear WHY operate from a place of WHAT.

They know what they do but they're not quite sure WHY they do it, including me.

Now you're probably does this all relate to me?

So I'm gonna get to the point before you stop reading this blog.

So you may not be the CEO of a fortune 500 company and I am not leading an equal rights movement.

Okay...I'm just simply working a nine-to-five job here...

Take a moment and take a look at your own work and what you do..

If I were to ask now..."Hey Gi, what do you do?"

"Well, I work at a company and I help people by doing X, Y, Z."

"Great fantastic!"

"Then why do you do it?"

"Because I have to pay the bills every week duh..."

"I have to pay my rent..."

"I have a family to support..."

"I have to have money to get by..."

Kayaknya hampir semua orang kalau ditanya WHY jawabanya itu. Including me.

But Simon got me thinking differently.

Profits and money are results and they are not inspired action.

That is not intrinsic motivation.

So I had no problem telling you what I did as I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem telling me what you did. But can you answer the question WHY...

Why you do what you do...

If not you and I are lacking a sense of purpose every day that we wake up.

Which means you're not inspired by the work that you do and in turn you're not inspiring other people.

Now with that being said, you don't have to be researching the cure for COVID-19 for instance just to have purpose.

Punya purpose misal membuat hidup orang lebih bahagia.

Or you know, untuk gue one day build a Panti Asuahan...I guess it's gonna be so much fulfilling.

Ya atau sebenernya purpose bangun tidur hanya untuk dapat duit dan bisa hidup, it is still a purpose juga.

Cuma terlalu basic ha ha.

If you...

Maybe if I was inspired by the work that I did...

My WHY and my purpose would help contribute goodness to the whole world.

Ha ha..terlalu far-reaching, but it's true.

Hmmm...jadi intinya apa ya?

My point is I just wanna emphasize the importance of defining your everyday purpose and if you're struggling to do so it may be a sign that you don't share the same values and beliefs as the environment that you work in.

And that's helpful information, right.

I've been there...may be I'm still there...where I just could not get on board with certain things because it went against what I value hence why I went soul-searching for my clear WHY.

And with that being said, my WHY has recently become what the author refers to as fuzzy.

In the recent months karena kelamaan WFH I've just become so focused on yang penting udah kerja dapat uang, bisa hidup dan menghidupi keluarga...very basic, huh?

Just obsessing over what I'm doing to get to where I wanna go instead of WHY I'm doing this and WHY I really started doing this from the beginning.

And that's why this book came at the right time because this really brought me back to that place.

A true sense of why you do what you do comes from looking inside yourself and reflecting on your life. Ponder where you’ve been and how your purpose can lead you where you want to go.

Selamat hari Jumat, hari yang melelahkan ~

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