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Social Media

As we know, social media can have the negative effect of causing people, via social comparison, to feel that everyone else's lives are happier and more exciting than our own.

I think this is not always intentional, as people are more inclined to share happy moments precisely because they are feeling happier and more open in those moments - I know I am (Actually, I used to).

But I do also want to share some of the other moments, especially after my social media incident that I would never forget, ever.

I had this one incident recently. And it made me realize of how careless I was with what I put out online. Long story short, I archived all of my pics on my Instagram, unpublished my e-Portfolio and checked everything that I ever posted on any other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, even YouTube. I made sure I did not in anyway put out something that belongs to someone else's (copyright infringement).

After some reading on the topic and consultation, I admitted I was oblivious all this time to the fact that I was risking other people's privacy, including my own. So I've learned my lesson. And I don't think I will ever post anything without thinking twice.

Sometimes, you need to educate yourself about stuff like this.

Sometimes, there are things that are best kept to yourself.

Sometimes, you need a private diary to pour your heart out.

And sometimes, you need a real human being to confide in. (Which I only have a few - so freaking thankful for them).

This has been one of those more reflective, melancholy weeks - totally in the normal range, so please don't be concerned. (Anyway, I don't think anyone will, so...)

But the weight of things happening in the world, questions I've been grappling with over how to spend my time and energy, whether I have "Iman" or not, death of people I admire (BJ Habibie), the recent forest fire who took the lives of some locals and those wild animals in it (saw some vids online where there were some snakes burned alive in the fire), the smoky haze that is suffocating (it literally blankets the region), constant demonstrations over the newly proposed KPK bill and some other bills which led to some deaths of those college students hitting the streets, the challenging tasks of dealing with my recent incident...these are horrifying...they've made this week a heavier week.

Fortunately, I counselled to someone who really listened. After our 2.5 hours conversations...the point is...I know it sounds super (extra) cliche...but it is the truth...

1. Find the silver lining in everything.

2. And be grateful on top.

3. And just know you've got no clues what the future holds.

4. And do your super best in what you do.

5. Last, don't ever hesitate to solicit advice from those who you trust - (WORD).

Again, I am totally okay. Not to be dramatic; like I'm the only one that goes thru hurdles; in fact, they're hundreds even millions of people around the world who face a more challenging issues than I do, so man up!

I guess, it's okay to not be 100% on and happy all the time.

Does social media make you more "social"?

~ Peace out, beautiful human ~

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