• Sagi Sagara

Senin Pagi

Yesterday, I had this suicidal thought.

Jumped off of an 8-story building.

Survived with broken bones and permanent paralysis.

I know it's gloomy and so depressing.

I acknowledged this stress and worries.

Kemarin I talked to someone about this.

Dia juga merasakan hal yang sama.

Dia pergi ke psikolog dan psikiater.

He took his med.

He was and now ok, I guess.

Tapi kan mati atau mengakhiri hidup bukan solusi yang cerdas.

You know there are so many people struggling to stay alive.

Be it from cancers, or other chronic diseases.

Dan I know masih banyak stigma di luar sana yang bilang, "Lu terlalu mikir."

Tenang aja ini wajar.

Atau comments yang sebenernya menganggap ini biasa aja.

Tapi hidup harus tetep berjalan.

I acknowledge that there are things that I can't change.

I acknowledge these feelings.

Jadi ya just do it.

Do yourself.


Inget, hidup akan terus berlanjut.

Dan jalankan saja dulu hari ini.

Sebaik yang lu bisa.

~ Selamat hari Senin ~

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