• Sagi Sagara

Sabtu Pagi

Hari ini gw merasa sangat bersyukur.

I know this might sound very very cliche.

But cliche exists for a reason.

And it should be a good one.

Jadi 2 hari ini I was staying at a friend's place.

I realized how lucky I was.

In fact, I am.

I have a roof over my head.

Walaupun ini kosan, but it's comfortable and has everything that I need.

I have Biznet, internet connection that I might not appreciate if I wasn't having trouble connecting to.

I have my one only glass.

A glass I bought in KL 5 years ago ha ha...

I have this laptop.

I have my Xiaomi.

I know this sounds random.

Maybe gibberish.

Intinya semua yang gw punya sekarang feels super blessed.

Masih bisa buka mata dan hidup buat Sabtu Pagi ini aja it's already a blessing.

Trus, I've been thinking kenapa gw mulai blogging.

Actually, gw ingin jadi penulis as opposed to my current occupation in a corporate setting.

But again, this job pays my bill.

Helps me to provide for my family, not just me.

Jadi I guess I'm doing everyone's a favor.

Tapi on the side line, this fire inside keeps telling me to blog.

Apa ya yang harus di blog?

Nonton Youtube dan baca articles kasih banyak opsi dan ideas.

Tapi nga pernah bisa jalan.

Gw tuh pengen banget bisa punya readership.

It doesn't have to be like paid or a lot.

Something that could hopefully inspire others.

Something that is genuinely my opinion.

My point of view.

How about going with no plans?

Hmmm, just like that I'm scribbling RN.

Hmmm, just pure therapeutic.

And since this is purely personal blog, mungkin pada akhirnya gw bisa menyuarakan dan jadi diri sendiri.

Jadi mau tulis apa?

Pertanyaan yang sampai sekarang I cannot fathom.

Gimana ya?

Gw ingin be the service to others.

Kedengeranya agak aneh.

Seems off.

Tapi bener loh, pada akhirnya ya, kita, every single one of us ingin punya existence.

For once I want to feel proud of what I do.

Dulu sempet kepikiran nulis online di Wattpad.

Tapi nga jalan2....

I know kalau cari referensi di luar sana...


Ini namanya Quarter Life Crisis.

Emang ampe sekarang gw bengong mencari how to figure myself out.

Kaga ada deadline kaya kerjaan.

Nga pernah pasti.

Tapi gw merasa lebih baik sih udah nulis ini.

At least some of the weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.



Sepertinya gw akan menjalankan hari ini dengan rasa syukur dan tetap dengan pertanyaan yang belum terjawab...

Mungkin sekian ya.

Btw, I write today juga karena baru inget lagi gw udah bayar subscription untuk let my website domain to remain active.

So I don't wanna waste money.

This has to work.

And kenapa gw mau publish?

Karena again cliche mungkin someone out there might relate.

Or they may not.

Dan karena gw juga pengen suatu saat ketika I look back bisa baca lagi pikiran2 gw yang pernah gw rasakan.


Dan emang pernah ada.

Semoga one day I could change or at least relate to someone.

Just one person.

Hopefully, jadi penulis sukses.

Oke, happy Sabtu Pagi.


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