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Power of Story with Dr Jennifer Aaker

Updated: Jun 5

Actually, I wanna post a video of a commercial where a 16-year old girl was diagnosed with a stage-4 ovarian cancer.

I got teary just from watching it.

Anyway, today's class was quite unexpected.

I thought I would not gain much by listening to what Dr Aaker had to say about the power of story.

But now, I am the complete opposite.

Story even if they consist only of 6 words - they can change you.

Through her elaboration on statistics, research findings, and her stories - I couldn't agree more.

This inspires me to bank my stories.

They are like data mining, with the touch of emotions and memorability.

Not to mention persuasion.

Not to mention, its impact on you and the people who feel them.

This where my "AHA" kicks in.

What if...I started banking on my six-word stories today?

What if...somehow, somewhere in the world, there might be someone who feels what I feel, who emphathizes with me, and who truly gets me?

What if...these short, one-minute stories, could somehow change the course of my life? Maybe yours as well?

I haven't cried in a class for a long time, but she made me anyway.


"Today, I moved, a new place."

"Screams and pity, I want independence."

"I am dying to find meaning."

What's yours?


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