• Sagi Sagara

Open to Think: Slow Down, Think Creatively, and Make Better Decisions

Author: Dan Pontefract

Published: 2018

How to open thinking:

1. Never rush your thinking

2. After careful thought, move along decisively

3. Be thoughtful about what you do and decide what not to do

4. Let knowledge shape your ideas and opinions

5. Write down your best thoughts

6. Be systematic and organized in everything you say and do

7. Take breaks to refresh yourself and create time for new ideas to emerge

8. Dig for information to enable proper analysis and informed decision making

9. Don't succumb to time-wasting distractions

I guess this book teaches a lot about the very process that is happening every day - our thinking.

I used to think in a rushed manner.

Making decisions based on very little information. Always be hasty.

Work. Work. Work.

Without much thinking.

This usually happens when I have tight deadlines at work.

I always get seduced by the apparent success of constant action.

So by reflex, you may want to prioritize immediate actions, but remember to stay vigilant about the future.

So your thoughts are important.

Important enough because it shapes how you live your life.

Good thoughts = Good life.

The opposite is true.

What are your thoughts today?

~ Peace out, beautiful readers ~




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