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Mas Mas SCBD

I had another BSOD.

I guess, I was meant to write this.

I just watched on Narasi tentang Mas Mas SCBD.

As one of them, I would like to have my POVs expressed.

Actually, been working at SCBD sekitar 3,9 tahun.

Sebenernya, gw rasa pressure itu relative.

I feel like kerja di SCBD did not change me as a person.

Of course, kalo stress orang ada yg party, ada yg belanja, ada yg seek other form of pleasures.

Tapi personally, if anything, kerja di SCBD had me reviewed and contemplated.

Yes, contemplation.

Bahasa kerenya, merenung...bertapa...haha...

I believe, the typical stereotype of Mas Mas SCBD was coined by societal standards of success.

Punya rumah, apartment, mobil, Rolex, Gucci, Hermes...

Will people be happy if they are deprived of those nice things?

Will I be less of a human being if I lack of branded outfits?

Do people really get stressed because they think that they have to conform to a "success" that is purely social construct?

Gw tidak akan membahas what was pictured in Narasi.

And I am definitely biased karena I tell my own POVs. And this must be completely a different experience for someone else; sesama Mas Mas or Mba Mba SCBD.

Nonetheless, this is my "Narasi."

Having spent 3+ years at SCBD has changed my perspective on life in general.

Gw merasa people are really something.

Ada yg baik. Ada yg kurang baik. Ada yg jahat. Ada yg setengah jahat. Literally, a wider, wider range of personalities.

And nga peduli what your position is...bisa jadi dari OB, pegawai, executives, or security...there's this one solid truth...people no matter who they are, no matter what job titles they have, they need "RESPECT."


And I do believe people are egocentric - meaning they don't give a f*ck of what is the price tag that you put on your outfits, whether you wear a Rolex atau imitasinya, what car you drive.

People simply only care about themselves.

Hint: Watch or read on the topic, they are plenty.

So for me at least, on my end, I don't feel pressured into these social constructs of HP iPhone, Apple related products, or posting on Instagram of where did you go to for vacations, or those picture perfect photos where you don't know them, they don't know you, you have absolutely no ideas of what they're going thru day in, day out.

So I've become less judgemental...or even neural now. I simply do not judge.

Yesterday, I had a crisis...

Sort of...

So I walked for 1.5 hours around Mega Kuningan just to clear my head.

Apakah jalan kaki itu membantu menghilangkan kegalauan di hati?

My but it helped refresh my mind.

I realize selama kita bernapas, we will never figure everything out until we die.

So it's okay to be anxious and have all these worrying thoughts.

So, apa hubunganya ini dgn judul tulisan di atas?

Gw rasa sekarang I feel this never ending feeling of gratitude.


Kerja di SCBD membuat mata saya terbuka tentang banyaknya "privileges" that I used to take for granted.

#1 Higher Ed; not everyone could go to college and earn a degree. Dari sekitar 30 anak di SD sy, hanya sekitar 5 orang yg kuliah. Mainly karena di desa kuliah itu dianggap tidak penting. But a deeper reason was due to the high cost of sending someone to Uni. That's why I will eternally be grateful for my parents yg menyekolahkan so that I am equipped to have a basic skill to survive and live in this more globalized competitive world. I wish semua anak Indonesia bisa at least merasakan bangku kuliah.

#2 Emotional Intelligence. Selama di SCBD, obviously I haven't met everyone, tapi dari berbagai jenis orang that I come across both in a work setting atau di luar kerjaan - they taught me that people, in essence are good. People are kind naturally. Yg jadi "masalah" adalah the way they express themselves yg kadang ditangkap berbeda. But, I won't sugarcoat this. I have met some truly evil ones, but even those people must have their own reasons to display such disgraceful behaviors.

#3 Network 3x. Banyak sekali orang2 that we can learn from. I could literally belajar dari semua orang. Actually, belajar dan network ini nga melulu di SCBD but especially here, at least in my experience people are willing to roll up their sleeves to help. As long as you ask for help dan juga dengan manner dan attitude yg appropriate.


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