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a book that tells you how to do or operate something, especially one that comes with a machine, etc. when you buy it

I cite this from https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/manual_2

I guess this might be a touchy or sensitive subject for some.

I guess this might not be perceived as what I want it to be.

Might be twisted.


Thought as an extremist view.

Well...it's not.

Disclaimer: I've had some bad experience in the past about the things that I post.

So yeah, I am definitely will tone down, keep it general, and be as "non-extremist" as possible.


I know it sounds...off...but I still to this day feel the nervousness...and these questions keep bubbling up in my head...

Am I the only one?

Is there anyone out there who thinks about this stuff like I do?

"Why am I created?"

"Is there any God?"

"Is there any higher power that keeps everything in balance?"

"Why am I Moslem?"

"Would I still be a Moslem if I were born into a non-moslem family?"

"Who's in charge?"

"Did everything start from a Big Bang of nothingness?"

"Will the world come to an end?"

"Will I burn in hell?"

"Is there a heaven?"

"YOLO? is this true? so my physical body will just decay and rot...be eaten by microorganism and that's it?"

The list goes on and on and on...

(Again, for the sake of "non-extremist view" I stop here)

When I was a kid...I used to be told that we had to be good...doing good deeds. Avoid bad deeds. And go to heaven.

I was always told to do things...without really knowing why...or the reasoning behind.

It felt like a manual (referring to the title above) but it's not a machine manual.

What I mean is a manual book for life.


Life Manual Book.

So the idea was a book that teaches you how to live your life.

A book that you can always refer to and still be relevant.

A book where its curriculum will always be applicable regardless of time and space.

A book that guides you.

A book that fulfils you.

A book that stirs your heart.

A book that you believe in.

A book that tells how you should operate.

...A manual...

I was born into a family where religion was like a legacy. Everyone follows everyone. It's as if I was born with a "KTP Islam".

I attended traditional national school, not like faith-based schools...or Islamic schools or Madrasah nor Pesantren.

My mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia. So there's this language barrier to the book.

Funny story tho. People mostly assume that I am not a Moslem because my name Sagi Sagara sounds pretty non-islamic.

.A comment that stood out was...

"I never knew you were Moslem"

I used to just brushed off the comment and replied "My name's unique...ha ha."

What was I talking about? Okay...

So I kept searching...

I browsed.

I asked.

I watched sermons.

I read.

One day, I stumbled upon this guy on YouTube...


This led me to this... https://www.bayyinahtv.com

It's rare sometimes to find someone that is relatable.

Someone you can relate to.

Someone you can look up to.

Someone you can just listen to for hours.

Someone who's real.

Someone who's not "commercial".

Someone who teaches with passion. As if you can see lights shine from their eyes.

Someone who is current.

Someone whose advice is advice.

A teacher that really teaches you (if you know what I mean).

No gimmicks.

No facade.

No fan base.

Ha ha ha...

The moment I first saw him...something clicked in me...

Well, again...I'm not a saint. I sin a lot. I sin every day. And my knowledge of the book is very limited.

I don't know Arabic too.

So my knowledge was from TVs, books, and some from Pesantren Kilat that I used to attend every Ramadan in elementary schools. Junior and High Schools too (they usually had their Pesantren Kilat as well).

This last few weeks, I got interested in Arrahman (عَلَّمَ الْقُرْآنَ - 55:2)


(‘llama)- to deliver knowledge over time

There was one story that he told how his teacher after years of study and PhD in something

(I forget...definitely related to the book)...

He said...his teacher says to him..."After all these years...I think I just understand this ayah..."

And his jaw dropped...

The book is like an endless source of wisdom. Knowledge. Answers.

It's impossible to say you "read" the book and be done with it.

He himself still feels that every day he learns something new.

What once he thought he knew, he actually didn't. Just barely touched the surface.

So he suggests to just accept the fact that you're never gonna finish "reading" it.

You'll never get to a point where you can say..."I think I got it now."


Knowing the fact that I might not be able to ever finish it (you and I)...

Maybe it's best to just "read" little chunks every day...

And be satisfied that ..."Okay...there's no ending to it..."

It's not like a book where you can finish them and move on to another book.

Instead, it's a book that serves as a reminder.

So constant revisit.




Cause to be human is to forget.

Like its the very nature of me and you.

So yeah...this might be my newest "Categories" named "Manual".

Whenever I want to write anything related to it...I'll post them here.

So in the meantime...

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, everyone!

Hope you have a blessed Ramadan, despite the fact that we're self-quarantined.

No Mudik.

No family gathering back in our hometowns...

So...until then...

~ Peace out, beautiful readers ~





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