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LOWKEY at 25

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Well, I've been listening to this bop..."LOWKEY" by Niki.

Such a chilling song.

I feel like going into a trance.

Like this song teleports me into a different world - where I'd just go nodding my head.

Where I'd just be in the groove.

Let's karaoke together.

Wonder what I'll do when the cops come through And the whiskey's run out 'Cause I've been lookin' at you since half past two Wanna take this downtown? This liquid courage got me way too honest Put your phone on vibrate, let's catch a vibe, babe While the sun's down Hush now, I know we're a little too fucked up to stay still, love Be as quiet as you can, 'cause if anyone sees They'll just blow shit up I don't gotta know if you're taken I'll just let ya know bedroom's vacant No one's gotta know, just us and the moon 'til the sun starts wakin'

Up's the only direction I see As long as we keep this

Low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low-key (ah, ah, ah, ah) You ain't even gotta lo- lo- lo- lo- lo- lo- lo-love me (ah, ah, ah, ah) Us in a king-size, keep it a secret Say I'm your queen, I don't wanna leave this Low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low-key

I kid you not!

This song is M A G I C A L.

Did you like it? Depends on your genre of music to listen to.

So back to the topic.

Turning 25.

Embarking on the so-called midlife crises.

Hmmm, so last year I wrote a sort of comprehensive 10-year timeline where I break down all the goals that I wanna achieve in life.

Until I turn 34.

It is a lot.

Too far-fetched.

Scared to think will I be able to achieve those?

Probably there're too lofty?

Go read my blog post titled "24 y.o.: Kicking Off My 10-Year Timeline!"

I google something about "25 y.o." and there're so many blogs or people's opinion on the subject.

I think I really need to look deeper into what I'm actually looking for.

And I still haven't found it yet.

Sure, looking back to my 10-year timeline, I would say what I pursue are very common.

I feel like this is such a common narrative that every single 25-ish person goes thru at some point in their lives.

You know, the more I ponder about it, the more I feel insecure about myself.

Work in particular.

It has always been one of my many concerns.

Speaking of work, you're either making a mint but hating life OR are skint all the time but loving your job.

I'd rather be making a mint and loving my job at the same time...

Am I in that position? Maybe.

Love life?

Have I actually found the one?

Should I build some muscle?

Should I travel the world?

Have I maximized my potential to make my mum happy?

Will I be able to afford a decent house? (Crazy expensive houses)

The list continues...

Maybe what I really need is a lowkey lifestyle.

Where I don't have to worry that much, so long as I could make ends meet and live a decent life, I should be fine.

Of course, I wanna one day settle down. To have kids around when I get home from work. To have a family dinner. To have a wife where I can halve this burden. You know - a trouble shared is a trouble halved. To be able to spend my retirement peacefully.

I know, I know...this sounds...way into the future. But time flies. Sooner or later, you gotta choose. In fact, every day is an art of choosing. You choose what to wear. What to eat. Where to go. What to watch. We're constantly bombarded with options. So many. Information. Too much.

End up being confused and not able to take a firm decision-making.

The song "LOWKEY" inspires me to write this blog.

Depends on how you interpret it, I feel this song represents my current worldview.

That you might have all these great plans in life, you just have to chill and actually ENJOY the journey. Because those lofty goals are a means to a destination. Recognition. Awards. Social Status. People's opinion. He said She said bullshits. Don't bother me as much anymore.

Looking back to my 24-year-old self, I made some adjusting. A lot of adjusting actually to my 10-year timeline. Adapted. Changed. Revised. And I end up going with the flow with cues from those goals.

My Mom used to say to me...don't over think things. But I realize that I am a thinker. I think constantly. This is something that I was born with.

Just like the song that talks about keeping a budding romance under wraps, I think I need to keep my life goals under wraps too. Just like water flows from the mountain tops all the way to the sea, it changes direction according to the path that it covers. In a valley streams. Smoothly and freely between the rocks. It's something to think about.

To conclude,

Where are you heading to?

See u next year, pals.

Peace out

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