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When I first moved out here back in 2016, I thought finding a decent rent room (Kosan) would be hard and they all would be expensive.

Well, it didn't always what it seemed.

This Kosan where I live is the proof that you still can find decent Kosan to live in the city.

It's located strategically in South Jakarta.

Close to where I work.

Options for public transport - busway, LRT, MRT.

And most importantly...it's cheap.

Very affordable.

It costs only Rp800,000 per month all included (water and electricity).

So I brought all my stuff from my previous Kosan in Bandung.

For an Rp800,000 kosan, this is just perfect for me.

The space is very limited but it's enough for me.

My room is the only room at the rooftop.

It's actually a place to hang clothes partitioned into a room.

It's a laundry area.

The roof is metal...so it feels like a steam room in the afternoon.

Well...all the way into late at night, actually.

So having a fan is vital.

But thanks to Close Comfort, I don't have to buy an actual air conditioning.

This stuff is as real as the real air conditioner. It consumes way less electricity and it's enough to cool me down to have a comfortable night sleep. Not to mention it saves the environment by consuming less electricity.

Right here is my white board where I could write things down. This one holds a lot of memory for me. From Ujian National all the way to my uni days.

The mirror too. I bought this one back in Subang. I've been staring at her for like 7 years and counting. Ha ha.

I positioned it this way so it could make the illusion of a bigger room.

This tiny space also holds my stuff like Micellar water (it's a must since I travel a lot by Gojek). In one swipe, the white cotton turns black and dirty.

This is where I sleep/work.

This mattress has been my partner for over 7 years too.

This is my workspace. So I switch between standing and sitting cross-legged to work. This helps my lower back pain from too much sitting. So I usually stand up for 1 hour and sit for 1 hour, thus both back pain and poor posture problems are addressed at the same time.

Over here is my tiny library.

Since the space is so limited, now I move to digital books.

Unless the book is very good, I might consider buying the paper version over the electronic one.

Over here is the stairs to my room.

It's good for daily exercise.

Although I fell a couple of times because this was slippery. It's a good core exercise, nonetheless. Ha ha.

I love the big door and window.

They allow for sunshine and fresh air to come into the room.

So this meets a standard for a healthy house.

Over here is the Cabinet. Closet and to store stuff.

Over here is where I do my cooking with the magic jar and some condiments.

Over here is the fridge. Low voltage. Saves energy which is good for the environment.

Over here is the TV. It's old school. I don't really watch here because we have Netflix, Youtube, Google.

Over here is the radio/speakers. It airs local as well as international radio stations.

Over here is my water bottle with the electric pump. Stay hydrated, fellas!

I keep my luggage and shoes and flip-flops outside. Some cat food and cleaning supplies too.

This cactus is the only plant that I keep. Little greenery wouldn't hurt. She's been with me for 3 years as well. This carries some good memories too.

And these are my friends. I don't keep them as pets. They come and go as they please.

This green yoga mat is my gym.

It's where I meditate on.

Yoga on.

Sumi on.

Push-ups and sit-ups on.

Pray on.

So this is very multifunction.


It's been going good.

Spending 3 years here has been amazing.

Maybe I'll stay here for the next 3 years until my apartment is ready.

Maybe these questions bubble up in your head.

Is this comfy?

Can I live in a tiny room?

Do I wanna spare luxury?

Where's my bed gonna go?

These questions should be reversed into:

Are you ready to pare down?

And enjoy the financial freedom of a tiny room?

I had a moment of clarity where I realized I was working so hard.

Me working 60 hours per week.

Going tiny is about the experiences.

It's really important for me to have a comfortable living space.

Play hard.

Work hard.

Lounge hard.

Ha ha ha...

I've actually practiced going tiny since my college days.

Going tiny for me offers freedom and flexibility.

This might seem to appear as a very low standard of living for some.

But at the end, comfort is experienced by you yourself.

And living in less than 20m2 room - offers me peace of mind.

It offers financial freedom.


And just the comfort I need.

So I decided to just go all-in.

I think this hits a lot of my wish list.

Even though this lacks pops of color.

Even though this was not decorated much.

I'm downsizing.

Simplifying my life.

It's as close as maintenance-free that I can get.

I love the simplicity of it.

I'm proud about every inch of it.

Kind of toying with it, thinking about it.

Maybe I'll add something for my next 3-year stay here.

It's so liberating, I guess.

Having just a few things, instead all of the stuff.

It's really, kind of, made me think about what's important to me.

I'm so, so happy that I made this tiny move.




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