• Sagi Sagara

Harsh Words

I cannot control what comes out of other people’s mouths.

I cannot control the outcome of certain things.

I cannot force other people to behave the way I want them to be.

Do your best, forget the rest ~ a good mantra to manage difficult days.

Is it in your control? Then do everything you can to get the outcome you want.

If it is outside your control, lower your expectations and accept whatever life offers you with grace.

With gratitude.

Knowing that there are people who would love to be in your position.

Seeing how it could be worse - how it’s in fact worse and has been worse for so many other people.

So some harsh words are fine.

Some harsh words are not the end of the world.

Each and everyone of us can frame it as whatever we want them to be, right?

So put those harsh words in a positive jar of love and let them be the fertilizer for you to produce more kindness in return.

~ Peace out, beautiful human ~

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