• Sagi Sagara

Donkey (are u one?)

A father, a son and a donkey. They were walking thru a street. People began mocking them saying, “They’re so stupid! They have a donkey and they’re walking.”

So the father told his son to sit on the donkey. When they got to the next street, people started saying, “Look at the son enjoying himself on the donkey’s back while his old father is walking.”

So then the son got off and the father sat on the donkey. When they turned the corner to the following street, people shouted, “Look at the father making his young son walk while he rides the donkey himself.”

So then they both sat on the donkey and everyone yelled, “The poor donkey! They’re squashing it with their combined weight.”

There was only one option left, so the father and son picked the donkey up. Then everyone began laughing at them saying that the donkey could walk so they were foolish for picking it up.

Can you relate to this donkey story?

Does this sound familiar?

I guess everyone was once in this situation.

Are you a donkey? For trying too hard to please everyone?

~ Peace out, beautiful human ~

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