• Sagi Sagara

Day 14

~ Stillness ~

Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do.

This morning I was trying to concentrate.

It wasn't easy, though.

The relentless noise all around me - from barking dogs to vendors shouting in the streets prevented me from working.

Today, things are even noisier than ever.

I'm stressed out from cell phone conversations, emails, and a constant stream of information.

The solution, I guess, is to embrace stillness - to find peace within the noisy world.

If you have ever focused so intensely that you got an intense awareness or insight, that's stillness.

If you've felt the joy of existence watching the sunrise, you have felt stillness.

Or as simple as sitting in front of your laptop, feeling every breath that you inhale and exhale, that's stillness too.

It is the space you have created to sit back and reflect on your life.

This moment - it is beautiful.

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