• Sagi Sagara


Had a moment of clarity today.

Stress is an inevitable part of life. It is the friction of the plates of our responsibility rubbing against each other.


If stress is inevitable, anxiety and anger and worry are not.

Was there stuff you had to do that you didn't want to do?

Problems you were stuck with that you'd rather not be stuck with?

You bet. That's life.

If only...

If and only if...sounds like a math class? Ha ha

If life was easy.

If things always went right.

If money was not limited.

If time was not an issue.

If age never added.

If everyone was nice and helpful.

If competition didn't exist.

If I didn't need sleep.

If tomorrow was always sun shine.

If there was no sadness.

If every single thing was perfectly fitted.

If life was as beautiful as a Hollywood movie.

That's just not possible though.

In every situation, there are things in your control, and there are things out of your control.

The key to achieving peace is accept the things that are out of your controls and focus on acting with intention on things that are in your control.

Simple truth sometimes is overlooked.

And most of the time, I ignore them and need to be reminded of them.

Point is...take control of the things that you can...let the rest go as natural and organic as they can.

~ Peace out, beautiful readers ~

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