• Sagi Sagara

Bubur Ayam Sunda

Had bubur ayam for dinner.

On the cart’s window, it says: “Anda puas, bilang orang. Anda tidak puas, bilang kami.”

Little did I know this bubur ayam would shift my perspective this much.

Hadn’t eaten all day long. And when I took my first bite, it’s when I realized how much I should be grateful.

Every day.

Every day.

Literally, be grateful EVERY DAY.

I know it sounds very trivial.

But knowing, thinking, being aware that there are people who starve to death?

People who are hungry and don’t have anything to eat?

People that are so poor, they can’t even have bubur ayam?

These are real people.

They might not be in Africa.

Nor are they in war zones.


They’re here.

They’re close to us.

Realizing how much I should be thankful for what I have, made my bubur ayam experience a different kind of bubur ayam.

Gratitude of having that bubur ayam has catapulted me beyond what I tasted in my mouth.

In my tongue.

In my stomach.

Were you grateful today for your meals?

~ Peace out, beautiful human ~

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