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Updated: Sep 5

Jadi ceritanya sekarang otak lagi panas ha ha...

Graduated 4 years ago, and now planning to sit yet another exam feels...

I don't know...

So the other day, I came across this webinar from Jakarta Post...

"Educating the nation: 2020 - 2045" with Pak Nadiem.

Very impressive.

Felt like what he envisioned and planned could really transform this country to achieve its ambition by 2020-2045...

The points that I still remember are for one education is about independence and self-inquiry and two it has to help you figure out your way in the world, hence problem-solving is yet another important product of the Indonesian students.


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Jadi sama seperti lagu Parasit ini, mengingatkan bahwa sebenernya tujuan education is not to pass exams, tapi untuk bisa membantu hidup kita sehari-hari.

I know but in my case having to sit my exams to earn my certification is mandatory to be recognized as someone with competencies in my field, hence I study very hard to pass.

Let me take a breather...

Take a five...

And relax...

But this song, very nostalgic.

Jadi buat siapapun yang lagi berjuang untuk lulus ujian, ayo semangat!

At the end of the day, kelulusan bukan tujuan akhir tapi knowledge dan pola pikirnya yang sangat berharga.

Ujian apapun ya, nga harus sekolah formal...

Enjoy Parasit :)


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