• Sagi Sagara


There comes a time when I started thinking...I need to re-learn my book.

People call it “The Ultimate Guidance.”

This guides you to live your life according to what He wants.

So...I discover this simple phrase to be very powerful. A complete change of thought. Of attitude. And the experience would never be the same.

Al = The ultimate

Hamd = Praise and Thanks

Lilah = Allah

So, “Alhamdulilah” in plain English would be “The Ultimate praise & thanks belong to Allah”.

Although the whole lecture takes about 5 hours, Nouman Ali Khan explains this beautifully in a way that’s easy to digest for us (rather me) whose toungue is not Arabic. There’s so much to experience just from this one phrase: The beginning of the book, the beginning of every salah.

For this discovery, I want to change my lens to be a lens of Alhamdulilah.

I feel like translations are not enough to convey the true meaning of this oft-repeated phrase. A phrase that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve uttered through out my life. So I really need to ponder and reflect more by becoming a student all over again. And I might not have all the time in the world to learn everything that this book has to offer.

And so the journey to “guidance” will continue through my whole life. Insya Allah, Ameen. This realization deserves... “Alhamdulilah.”

So...what does “Alhamdulilah” mean to you?

~ Peace out, beautiful human ~

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