• Sagi Sagara

“Aku Punya Kekuatan”

On my commute today, I came across two children, who were running around, screaming and acting out as superheroes.

One of them said, “Aku Punya Kekuatan.” Soon after that, his mother laughed and said, “Ha ha ha...Kekuatan apa sayang?”

People were ignoring these two three-year olds. But I was just so amused at their behavior. And something clicked in me.

Sometimes, we don’t always have the support that we need from our loved ones.

Even your parents.


Let alone friends.

They all turn their backs at you.

All say: “You? C’mon, You can’t do it.”

All say: “Impossible”

People might call you all kinds of names: Stupid, idiot, dreamer and wisher.

Back to that kid, I wish him not to lose his power.

Whatever that might be.

And it reminds me that motivation to be successful doesn’t come from the outside; it comes from the inside.

And that the greatest motivations I’ve had have come from my own heart and home.

Today we’re surrounded by motivators - people and things and celebrities strive to motivate people to buy a product, pay for advice, or enlist in a cause.

Motivation classes are crammed.

Motivation books are bestsellers.

Motivation is BIG business.

Again, just like that kid who did not get taken seriously, I think you deserve to just motivate yourself.

And remember, someone else’s experience or story can never motivate you as deeply as your own.

~ Peace out, beautiful human ~

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