• Sagi Sagara

a Being...

There were two kids.

They went to the same school...actually kindergarten.

They lived in the same neighbourhood.

They liked the look of one another.

They swapped phone number (if it existed at that time).

They hung out together.

...there is now...YOU...

A being.

A creature.

An organism.

A being...hmmm...

A being with a particular sort of nose.

A being with a distinctive emotional temperament.

A being with this particular complexion.

A being that has a way of smiling that unnervingly echoes that of a dead person.

And that being is me.

Around 26 years ago I was made.

From a single (maybe couple of drops of sperm).

Some fertile eggs.

Some miraculous action that pulled them together.

Now here I am.

I am having this weird feeling.

A phase in life where I start questioning my life decisions.

...Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be, right?

Sometimes you'll put up a good fight and lose.

Sometimes you'll hold on really hard and realize there is no choice but to let go...

Maybe I have this tilted perception of the world.

Your assumptions about the lives of others are in direct relation to your naive pomposity.

Many people you believe to be rich are not rich.

Poor are not actually poor.

Many people portray themselves as something that they're not.

Instagram is the perfect example.

People party here and there.

People post happy moments.

People film themselves in a short-form mobile videos doing all sort of moves, are they truly as happy as they seem?

Back to the being again.

I guess we're not in the power to choose our families.

To choose our DNA.

To choose our pre-destination.

But each one of us...we all have the choice to choose how we live our lives...

So maybe being in someone else's service is fulfilling...

I once dreamed of being a psychiatrist, but ended up in a corporate job doing accounting.

We might be working in a company that's making a modest but real difference to people's lives by helping them get a better life...

It's not always that obvious...

Or else our service might be to friends or our families, or just to our neighbours.

We're often told to think of ourselves as inherently selfish.

It's me. It has always been about me. It will always be about me...

But I think some of the most meaningful moments come when we transcend our egos and put ourselves at the service of others.

I used to tutor my juniors at college...and I think now I know why I loved it because of the feeling of being useful and when they succeeded in their classes the happiness was like doubled.



Maybe I'll switch to psychology?

I don't know yet.

Seems like my interests are changing every day.

I even once thought be be a dentist instead.



I guess one should add that in order for service to feel meaningful, it has to be in sync with our native, sincere interests.

Not everyone will find accounting to be a career...

Not everyone will find medicine or social work, graphic designer meaningful.

It takes time to really find YOU.

It's a case of knowing enough about ourselves...this particular find our particular path in life...

How do you perceive yourselves as a BEING?

~ Peace out, beautiful readers ~





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