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I have always had this intention like years ago...or probably like in the last two years where I started to explore Bayyinah TV.

For me personally, languages have so many layers to them.

I grew up speaking Indonesian (my mother tongue) but along the way, I picked up Sundanese and English as well because these two were mandatory back in elementary school.

I remember I always got bad grades for Sundanese whenever I sat for the exams.

But to my surprise, although I did not attend any Sundanese courses I think I pretty much understand the language now.

Later I learned that it's called..."Immersion"...

Basically, it's a condition where you're surrounded by the language 24/7...

So at home.

At school.

With my friends.

Everyone that I grew up with.

The same did not apply to English tho. Learning English when I was a kid was a bit of a challenge because I only attended a public school where English was taught but not that intensive...that was in elementary school.

Later on, I moved out to my new house in Subang and attended the best public schools there...SMPN 1 Subang and SMAN 1 Subang (they're the best in Subang, literally, everyone there applied to the schools and got acceptance there was a huge deal).

I was not the smartest, but I made it.

At that time, the Government had this SBI (Sekolah Berstandar Internasional).

Basically, the aforementioned schools were taught in Indonesian but English was used as the language of instruction.

The textbooks were bilingual, some even fully written in English imported from England.

I remember being super amazed at how beautiful my physics book was.

It was printed on glossy papers.

It was color-printed.

Full of pictures and little notes.

Although I hated physics (who didn't?) I read it anyway cause it was just beautiful. Plus it says...

"printed and bound in England."

So I was lucky at that time to be able to afford to go to the schools.

I realize now that if it was not because of those English or rather bilingual education I guess, I wouldn't have the feeling that I have now for English.

By feel I mean there are lots of things that I can learn from this language.





Online classes.



Even Islam.

I once went to Sekolah Agama (it's like an extra class where they teach you supplications, the stories of the prophets, how to be sermons, and Arabic...but just a little bit).

And again, I did not have a strong background in as I get older I constantly look for information and English has helped me a lot in the quest for the truth.

Looking back...I feel super blessed that God has given me the ability to acquire English that leads to many discoveries...including Bayyinah TV. ( I'm not endorsing this, but if you want to spend for a subscription to learn more about your deen, this one is worth subscribing to).

So it was Ramadan last year that I decided to go full speed ahead (I subscribed to a yearly subscription) only to find that I was overwhelmed by the many resources to learn from.

I wasn't focusing on learning Arabic, instead, I tried all of the resources that they had to offer...and it was a lot...a lot...a lot...

Only last month, I realized that my yearly subscription was about to auto-renew then I decided to quit them. The reason being I didn't want to subscribe to something that I was not ready yet to take full advantage of. So maybe out of the 12 months of my subscription, I only used 3 months, the remaining 9 months were gone unused.

I know... What a waste of money!

Until recently I realize something...that what I've been doing wrong was that I wanted to learn everything that is on the website...truth's impossible.

So now I decided to just change my focus on the Arabic learning resources.

I hope after I finish Arabic with Husna...I could advance to DREAM...

Back to 57:17, I've finally found the #1 reason why Arabic.

It's because God promises that He will make learning Arabic easy just as He will make the Koran easy for remembrance.

My personal reason is that I really hope one day be able to be decent enough in Arabic so whenever I stand behind the Imam in prayers, I could decipher the Koran that is being read to me.

Be able to feel the Koran because, in the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, people assumed he practiced black magic because what he preached was divine - impossible to be manufactured by humans, even some people converted to Islam just by hearing the Koran being recited onto them.

How could they even be affected so much just by hearing the book?

How could those great Imams cried badly just reciting some surahs?

Why the book is said to have many linguistic miracles?

And there are many questions left unanswered.

This curiosity propels me to learn the language.

And it happens to be in Arabic.

So that's why I learn.

Do you learn as well?

~ Peace out, beautiful learners ~




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