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Asian Games 2018: 8 Lessons Learned

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

These past two weeks - from August 18, 2018, the opening until the closing of Sep 2, 2018 - we witnessed the biggest sporting event in Asia.

This year Asian Games 2018 is held in Jakarta-Palembang, Indonesia.

Two weeks full of inspiration.

The following are lessons learned:

1. Indonesia is a great nation. When our athletes are given the opportunity, they actually can win.

Won BIG.

Won with dignity.

Sang "Indonesia Raya" to the world.

2. Energy can spread and has a significant impact. When we gave our sincere support, they could feel it.

3. Nothing is instant. I don't believe in the "Soda Effect" where you can kick ass all of the sudden, then

be gone in a split second.

Those medalists, be it gold, silver, and bronze were the results of years of training.

They sacrificed a lot.

And these were happening behind the curtain mostly.

4. Surprised by those athletes who performed their best in all 40 sports,

spanning about 462 different disciplines.

That is PASSION.

You don't have to always follow - what's trending - instead, pursue things that you're really passionate


Things that make you tick!

5. Previous rankings never guarantee a win.

Those who were predicted to win, actually lost. While those who were thought to lose, actually won.

So nothing is impossible!

6. Prayers are powerful.

I believe all Indonesians prayed that we won.

And we did it.

Top 5.

We ranked 4 out of 45 participating countries.

What an achievement!

7. Never quit!

I was worried when we were behind in scores.

But the game is not over until it's over.

In some games, we caught up and finally won.

8. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika - Unity in Diversity. Differences aside. We are strong when we are together.

What I love about watching a sporting event is...the fact that there are only two options really.

To win or to postpone winning.


Because to me, success is like math. In math, we learn about "Intersection Point" where a dot is crossed by two lines; one from the x-axis and one from the y-axis.

The x-axis represents "Readiness" which consists of the effort that we put into whatever it is that we are pursuing - our goals.

The y-axis represents "Opportunity" that is constantly available.

So my point is...we can only prepare our best every damn time, so we're ready whenever the opportunity strikes.

My Success Intersection

Source: Personal photo

I'll close this post with the snippet of the Asian Games opening ceremony.

What a spectacular ceremony!

P.S. Thank you to all the athletes for making us - INDONESIA - super proud!

Saya bangga jadi bagian dari negara besar ini - INDONESIA!

-Energy of Asia-

Peace out!


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