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Books, books, and books

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

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Ever think what comes to mind when you hear 'books'?

I know it's a bit (really, really) late post...


In the honor of World Book Day and Hari Buku Nasional which were both celebrated on April 23rd and May 17th respectively, I really wanna thank every writer out there who has published books; may that be in print or electronic forms. Thank you for contributing to the world's knowledge collection, and to fill my brain with wonderful stories and insights.


Thoughts on books...


A book is like a key to open a portal that transports you to a completely different world. Sometimes they help us escape from the reality of our life, sometimes they make us acknowledge and look at our reality in a different way. They can trigger something in us or motivate us to feel and do things. A book can plant seeds in us, which we can choose to nurture or not to nurture.

Books enrich our imagination and also amass us with a wealth of information. But how you put them to use is perhaps the ultimate benefit or purpose.

For me, a book is a medium that helps me to think differently or to think from a certain point of view.


Well, a book means lots of things to me. It is something that has the ability to take me to various far-off places. It is a teacher. A place of comfort and solace. Whenever I'm bored, irritated, or lost…I just open a book and delve into its pages…and for a moment the world becomes oblivious to me and I become oblivious to the world. Reading a good book is one of the most beautiful and satisfactory feelings in the world…


A good book drags you, kicking and screaming, out of the cocoon you inhabit and transports you into another person’s head. There is no better way of broadening your horizon.


A book is a path to new unventured thoughts and ideas. The book can be a simple “self-help” or a “story” book but how it appeals to the mass is different. No two people can have the same perception of the contents of the book since what the brain learns or unlearns after reading a book depends a lot on the person’s state of mind and his experiences. The concept that is perceived may be the same but the intensity with which it appeals varies. Books are capable of drastically changing your mindset and increase your knowledge in the shortest time. To keep it short, it is the most pocket-friendly way to gain knowledge and experience without stepping out of your house. For me books like “Solve for Happy” and “Shut Up, Move On” and “Kotak Musik Gita” hold a special place. Every time I revisit the pages of these books, I learn something new, something which I might not have given thought to earlier. Similarly "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking" by Susan Cain is thought-provoking too.


Books mean a lot to me. Books are our true friends. There are many real-life experiences that books give us. Books are silent communicators. The prattle of the masses doesn't obstruct your communication with your books. There are all kinds of books for us to choose from. When thoughts are echoed by some writers from some corners of the world and it seems your own - an instant rapport is built.

Books inspire.

Books guide.

Books offer solace.

Books destress.

Books can be soulmates.

Books equip you in several languages.


Like the North Star, they guide me to find my passion, my ambition in life...and new places. Nothing inspires me like a packet of Keripik Karuhun and a good book. As much as I would confess to hiding all day long in the realm of books, most of them have actually inspired me to become more than what I already am. Whatever little achievements I have, I credit them to my books as much as to my family and friends. One particular book of my native language shaped my mental opinions the way it is today and I couldn't have been gladder for it. Books serve like my extra eyes, letting me see the unseen sides. The world which seemed incomprehensible earlier, makes much more sense now, thanks to these wonderful printed companions of mine.


Whenever I have felt let down by life, I sought refuge in my books. Like the wise and all-knowing philosophers, they bestow wisdom upon me that helps heal my broken soul. And until it's mended, they let me cradle in their welcoming warmth. No matter what disturbs my mental peace, I always find the hidden gems in them that alleviate my suffering. And all this comes at the expense of nothing.


A book could change your whole level of thinking drastically. Books are not only bound with pages but with great words coming from great minds - a book of your choice is a friend indeed. When you feel out of friend league just because of your unique thoughts and beliefs, a good genre would soothe you, uplift, assist you to keep marching high.


...books allow us to be self-learners; and this independence to learn is so liberating. Obviously now, the digital world has other options for self-learning, but let's give tribute to my favorite, classic, and timeless medium of knowledge...books.


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