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The Ambitious Me: In a VUCA World

So here I am. Sitting in one of many round tables in Starbucks Setiabudi One. Under direct yellow light above me, accompanied by the classical music and a cup of green tea latte topped with whipped cream, yummy.

I might be crazy. Or I am. These couple of months, I've been thinking of what to do in the next freaking 10 years or so.

You heard me right. T E N Y E A R S !

This year. In the coming July. The 20th. To be exact. I will officially turn 24. T W E N T Y F O U R. What some might like to call one of the blandest ages to be. I see it as a beautiful time in your life where you're finally an adult - A D U L T - in every aspect of your life. And there's no denying it.

This is not 20 when you're barely legal. Or 21 when you just learned what L O V E was; what it actually felt when it didn't work out. It's not 22 when you got your dream job (or what you thought as your dream job). Or 23 when you quit that job to find something better (which I did). It's freakin' 24, the age where you did all of the above and more.

I realize how shaky and unpredictable my plans are. How indecisive I am when it comes to decision making. I feel like these days me and us the so-called 'millennials' are getting harder and harder to decide what we want to do in our lives. Every day we are exposed to new things, new information, new technologies, new findings, new interests, new books, and everything new. So, I feel overwhelmed to choose J U S T O N E out of H U N D R E D S or M I L L I O N S choices out there. It all feels possible and attainable. It's like yesterday I wanted and truly believed in my plan A. The next day, I would be like, "What were you thinking about?"

Oh I really, really love my whipped cream!!!

So as of today. Apr 21, 2018. I've come up with my plan C.

Oh yeah, I have this small (more to medium-sized) white board that I keep since high school. This is the 'slate' where I studied for my exams. Now it's my vision board.

Plan C (what I have in mind at the moment)

Whoops...where do I start?

I think this Plan C of mine is quite - A M B I T I O U S - at least to me.

Phase 1: 2019, 2020, 2021 (will be 27 y.o.)

> Objectives: 1) Be an Auditor-In-Charge at BDO Indonesia

2) Join the secondment program to BDO Singapore

3) Pass my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams from CPA Australia

4) Learn the technicalities of Indonesian accounting standards

(in whatever clients that I handle; may that be manufacturing, palm oil plantations, or any other clients entrusted to me)

5) Have a fair Arabic speaking skills (Egyptian Arabic). This is the second foreign language that I really, really want to master after English.

Phase 2: 2022 (will be 28 y.o.)

> Objectives: 1) Earn my MSc in Oil and Gas Accounting and Finance from Aberdeen Business School at Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK.

2) Be a Chevener (Chevening Scholarships Awardee)

Phase 3: 2023, 2024 (will be 30 y.o.)

> Objectives: 1) Get married to my 'sholehah' future wife (Amen)

2) Build a landed house

3) Work at Pertamina (or in oil and gas industry in Indonesia). It may sound really lame, but I really want to help build the country in whatever way possible. This is the patriotic side of me speaking now

Phase 4: 2025, 2026 (will be 32 y.o.)

> Objectives: 1) Earn my MBA from Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, US.

2) Be a Fulbrighter (Fulbright Scholarships Awardee) or;

3) Be an LPDP Awardee

Phase 5: 2027 and beyond (will be 33 and beyond)

> Objectives: 1) Be a lecturer, practitioner, or entrepreneur

2) Be a CEO in a national or multinational corporation

3) Build a B I G orphanage where I could care for as many orphans as possible

4) Be someone that can spread positivity and optimism to as many people as possible

5) Beyond...

In Summary: It's going to take, in aggregate, 8 years to A C C O M P L I S H and 4 different countries involved: Singapore, Australia, UK, and US.


I know everything could happen.

Everything is unpredictable.

Everything seems vague.

Everything is volatile.

Things change every second.

What is true today; might not be true tomorrow.

What I plan and believe in today; might not be the case for tomorrow.

I know the fancy term for these.

It's called Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA).

Hence the title.

Huhmm, that's my thought for now.

These are what I hope to achieve in life. Or at least, something along these lines.

I want to wrap this blog with this song.

"Kenapa Memang Bila Aku Perempuan" by Melly Goeslaw and Gita Gutawa.

My fav part of the lyrics..."Semua berawal dari mimpi. Hanya kita yang bisa mewujudkan."

Well, it does not have anything to do with gender specific issues here.

I'm a feminist to a certain extent.

I love the song as well as the message.

And it inspires me to not only dream, but actually try to turn my dreams into reality.

Hope it inspires anyone who reads.

I know it's gonna sound cliche, but I believe every dream is within reach long as you try to make it happen.

Anyway, happy Kartini's Day!



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